People hate when you’re acting for the camera. Like when a kid does something that delights adults, but the second they realize “hey, i got something here” they try to imitate and recreate what they just did, this time with the knowledge that people are watching and with the expecation of a reaction. Adults will indulge the kids but deep down we find that act despicable. Acting for the camera.

china: there isn’t a stranglehold on the local government. it’s just not sorted out yet like it is here in usa. “the tentacles of govt here are refined.” here it sees everything. in china, some local banks are just some dude with a pile of cash in the back — deregulated. kinda cool to see. they don’t have federal freedom, nor internet freedom, but they have local freedom which is cool to see.
eddie huang on JRE 430 @ 35m
RANDOM REWARD (i.e. slot machines) is the key to addiction in ALL MAMMALS. mammalian brains are just designed to hook into that kind of behavior. your brain is always Hoping for a big payoff every time you check gmail twitter reddit. doesn’t always happen but it’s the hope. contrast it to: if a slot machine guaranteed to return a dime for every quarter you put in, of course you wouldn’t play.